Minor Touches To Major Impact For Nonprofits

Don't Have Any Stories? MAKE 'EM UP!

June 17, 2021 David Oaks Season 2 Episode 30
Minor Touches To Major Impact For Nonprofits
Don't Have Any Stories? MAKE 'EM UP!
Show Notes

Stories are the currency that nonprofit leaders collect in order to pay their donors (Read more here). But what do you do when you are shut down and you don’t have stories to tell? Answer: You make ‘em up!

That is the strategy I used in my last email to our donors to The Bethlehem International School Foundation.

Most of the stories you will use in fundraising and team building will be true stories of actual people and the impact your mission has had on their lives. But, there is a place for made up stories as well.

This technique helps your followers to appreciate why it is important to listen, understand, and adopt any changes in your mission strategy and plans. This storytelling technique can turn what might seem boring into something readers are eager to hear and assimilate.

The goal is to take your readers from seeing your current situation as ordinary to visionary.

Of course, the very first goal is to get your followers to pay attention! But once they are paying attention, your visionary super-powers kick in! 

Remember, visionaries rule the world. 

Visionaries always get the resources they need. 

Visionaries change the world (for a refresher in vision, (READ HERE).

This is where storytelling really works for you. This story, when well crafted, will create a picture of the future so inspiring that it drives people to action. One VERY important thing, the story must be personal to the readers. They need to see themselves in the future you describe.

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